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Magento version upgrade

When do I need to upgrade my Magento version?

  • If you plan to install an extension that doesn't support your current Magento version
  • If you plan to use features that were added in newer versions of Magento
  • If you need to get rid of bugs that were fixed in newer versions

However, if you are happy with everything on your website, you don't have to upgrade your Magento version.


A Magento upgrade costs 200 EUR (excl. VAT) for each version.

Magento CE versions: 1.3.х; 1.4.х; 1.5.х; 1.6.х; 1.7.х; 1.8.x; 1.9.х;

Upgrading from to or – one step; price – 200 EUR (excl. VAT).
Upgrading from to latest stable version ( at the moment) – 3 steps; price – 600 EUR (excl. VAT).

For your consideration

  • Some extensions can stop working on newer versions of Magento. It is possible that updates or fixes will be needed for such extensions.
  • There is a chance that not all of claimed features of a newer Magento version will be available on your current theme.
Fixing such problems is not included in the upgrade base rate.

How will the upgrade be performed

After receiving all the necessary technical information about the server, and after receiving the payment, the ET Web Solutions team will commence the upgrade. During the process it's absolutely unavoidable to switch your shop off for customers. To minimize the inconvenience for your customers, we use the following upgrade scheme:

  1. Creating a website backup
  2. Restoring the backup on a separate domain (test website) on the client's or ET Web Solutions server
  3. Upgrading the test copy of your website
  4. Solving problems that occurred during the upgrade process. Creating a plan for upgrading the main website
  5. Creating a list of extensions that do not work on the new version
    • fix such extensions, if there is a way to do it without a big amount of work
    • for free extensions – checking for updates that fix compatibility and installing them
    • for commercial extensions – checking for updates that fix compatibility and providing a list of them to client, so that he could request new extension versions from their developers
    • Offering solutions for broken extensions:
      • To continue upgrading without these extensions
      • Placing an order on fixing these extensions
      • Stop upgrading. In this case the payment will not be refunded.
  6. Testing the upgraded test version. If there is nothing wrong with the test version, we will agree with the client on when to upgrade the main website. During the upgrade process the website will not be available for customers for 1 - 2 hours
  7. Removing the test copy

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