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Extension Reviewnotify (version 1.2.0)

Extension Reviewnotify (version 1.2.0)

This extension notifies the store owner about new reviews and complicates automatic review posting for spam bots

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  • Reviewnotify
  • Reviewnotify
  • Reviewnotify

Reviewnotify not only notifies the store owner via email about new reviews, but also reminds him about any pending review until someone will change their status (in the status bar — under the main menu in the admin panel). As a bonus, we offer a feature that will complicate writing reviews for bots and spammers.

Usage Examples

Forget about checking for new reviews every 5 minutes
Reviews are displayed on the website only after moderation. So, if your staff isn't checking the admin panel often enough, days or even weeks may pass from the moment when a customer wrote a review till the moment when everyone will see it on your website. With our extension you can list email addresses, which should be notified in case of new reviews. You can edit the email template as much as you wish to achieve maximum motivation for your staff.
Don't forget about pending reviews
If your staff ignored a letter with a notification about a new review, he will always be reminded about pending reviews in the admin panel
Enable unchecked review visibility for the author
You can decide whether the author will see his own review before the moderation, or not. You can enable author visibility for unchecked or declined reviews. Other users will still see the review only after approval.
Make spam bot's artificial life a bit harder
If you allow guest users to write reviews, in most cases after a few weeks you will be buried in fake reviews with ads. Our extension can decrease their amount.

Technical details

  • Open source code
  • Extension code conforms to standards for development for Magento
  • The extension is available in English and Russian. Additional translations can be added by users.
  • Doesn't require theme modification, unless you use non-standard element names in the review form.
  • Technical information for developers
ver. 1.2.0 (10/02/2017)
  • added function "Review visibility for author"
  • minor JS fixes
ver. 1.1.1 (16/12/2015)
  • fixed issue with loading wrong helper
ver. 1.1.0 (30/11/2015)
  • fixed possible extensions conflict
    removed class Mage_Review_Model_Review rewrite for new Magento versions (version >= 1.4.x)
    now extension listen for event review_save_after (prior was review_review_save_after)
  • fixed date format in notification e-mail.
  • code documentation and small changes
ver. 1.0.2 (18/02/2015)
  • fixed bug due to which the notification is not sent to some e-mail address or multiple addresses.
ver. 1.0.1 (18/12/2014)
  • fixed typos and grammar
ver. 1.0.0 (02/08/2012)
  • code refactored for Magento standards
  • template files moved from default to base (dropped native support for Magento 1.3.x according to Magento standards)
  • license type changed from AFL to ETWS Free License v1 (EFL1)
ver. 0.2.4 (19/05/2011)
  • added anti spam protection for review form on frontend (relevant when review writing for guests is allowed)
ver. 0.2.3
  • fixed broken Pending Reviews RSS link when Add Store Code to Urls is set to Yes
ver. 0.2.2
  • cleaned layout code, to avoid notification bar duplication in ver. > 1.4
ver. 0.2.0
  • added notification in standard admin notification bar
  • send separate mails for each notification recipient
ver. 0.1.1
  • added Helper (Transactional mails - add new template - wasn't working) - relevant for Magento ver. 1.4.x
ver. 0.1.0
  • first stable release


  • bug fix
  • added functionality
  • removed functionality

Documentation is available on the information portal

How does the AntiSpam work on this extension to prevent spam bots from submitting bogus reviews?

If spam bot does not use JS or try to submit review directly to controller, without using form, review form will be not submitted.

Extension does not analyze review content and review with any content submitted manyally through browser will be stored.
Review by Pantryful (3/28/2017)
HTML Notifications
Is it possible to send HTML notifications? My email template has HTML in it, and is being sent as text (other notifications are sending as HTML).

Please, use our ticket system to get help from our support team.
This is possible by editing extension config.xml file.
Review by Eben (9/9/2015)
Версия 1.8.0
Это расширение работает на версии 1.8.0?

Ответ: Да.
Review by Эдуард (11/25/2013)
Not Working
I have integrate this extension on my site. but it did not send any mail to the store owner.

We have been notified about your review with the help of this extension :)
Please provide more information about your issue (Magento version, extension settings). Please use our support ticket system to ask questions or submit any issue (link to support page is available above).
Review by Sandeep Sharma (10/15/2013)

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