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Payment method Payment Robokassa (version 1.2.0)

Payment method Payment Robokassa (version 1.2.0)

Payment method via Robokassa. Allows you to use the payment service Robokassa on your Magento website.

VAT may be applied only for EU customers
  • Payment method select on checkout
  • Robokassa settings example (old)
  • Robokassa settings example
  • Payment Robokassa Settings
  • Robokassa settings example
  • Payment Robokassa Settings
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Free payment extension ET Payment Robokassa allows you to use the payment gateway Robokassa (robokassa.ru) on your website. Robokassa combines a large amount of payment services which will be available to you by installing just one extension.

About Robokassa.ru

ROBOKASSA is an aggregation of payment systems. With one contract you will be able to accept payments from your customers using a large amount of payment systems.
Please be advised that Robokassa provides a contract only with a person that has an account in one of the banks in Russia.

Available payment methods (dependent on the contract with Robokassa)

  • Electronic Money: Webmoney - WMR (Russian rubles), WMZ (US dollars), WME (euro), WMU (Ukrainian hryvnia), WMY (Uzbekistan sum), WMB (Belarusian ruble), WMG (gold); Yandex.Money; Moneymail RUR; RBK Money RUR; EasyPay; Ediny koshelek; LiqPay; WebCreds; Z-Payment;
  • Credit Cards: VISA; MasterCard;
  • Mobile payments: MegaFon; Beeline; MTS;
  • Terminals: QIWI; Elecsnet; Comepay; kassira.net; Mobile Element; PinPay Express; Absolutplat;
  • E-invoicing: Alfa Bank; Promsvyazbank; Federal Bank for Innovation & Development; Mezhtopenergobank; Tatfondbank; HandyBank (aggregator of other banks)
  • Other methods: Contact...

Information provided by the robokassa.ru website on May, 2013.


  • One payment method: After placing the order the customer is redirected to the Robokassa website, where he is able to choose the appropriate way of completing the payment process.
  • If payment fails (Robokassa service returns the customer to your website with an error), customer's shopping cart will be refilled.
  • If the payment succeeds, an invoice is created
  • If this extension is not enough for you and you want some additional features, check out our ET Payment Robokassa Advanced extension

Technical details

  • Open source code
  • Extension code conforms to standards for Magento development
  • The extension is available in English and Russian. Additional translations can be added by users.
  • It is advisable to have a SSL sertificate for secure data transfers between your shop and the Robokassa service.
  • All of your passwords to the Robokassa account in the admin panel are encrypted.
  • Data transfer log is located in var/log/et_robokassa.log
  • Payments are made in your base currency (the base currency must be the same as in the contract with Robokassa)
  • Developer information is available on the informational portal
ver. 1.2.0 (20/07/2017)
ver. 1.1.1 (26/02/2016)
  • added option (in config.xml), that allows to choose what order identificator will be transferred to the Robokassa system as an invoice id:
    * order internal id (1 - 9999999) - $order->getId();
    * order incremental id (x00000001) - $order->getIncrementId() - by default

    For order identification (transactions in Robokassa service and order in site admin) it is easier to use the incremental id, because internal id is not displayed anywhere under admin.
    But Robokassa service has limitations that are not acceptable by some stores. According to the Robokassa documentation order number can only be a number between 1 and 2147483647.

    In Magento order incremental id can be larger. Also some 3rd party extensions can change incremental id format and make those non-numeric. Example: ORD-10-xx-111
ver. 1.1.0 (24/11/2015)
  • added ability to use different hashing algorithms.
    Additional to MD5 (default) now available RIPEMD160, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
  • updated API to communicate with Robokassa service.
    Test mode has become more comfortable and now there are separate passwords for test payments.
  • added store staff notification about payment errors (order status changed to Error data from Robokassa)
  • changed extension settings (labels) for full compliance with the updated interface of Robokassa site.
  • updated list of payment systems
  • code refactoring to meet standards
  • fixed order amount transfer issue
    with some store settings (basic and displayed currency) extension was sending data to the Robokassa server not in the base currency.
    ATTENTION: If your store's base currency is not the same as the currency on the Robokassa service, upgrading extension is not recommended.
    The data to the Robokassa service will now always be transferred in the base currency.
    If you need to transfer the amount in a currency different from the base, this and other useful functionality is implemented in an extended version of the extension ET_PaymentRobokassaAdvanced.
ver. 1.0.10 (03/08/2015)
  • fixed logging function - the correct handling of responses containing arrays from service Robokassa
ver. 1.0.9 (15/07/2015)
  • fixed text in configuration describing how to configure shop account on Robokassa website
ver. 1.0.8 (11/05/2015)
  • minor extension architecture changes (support of multiple invoices per order and support of custom order statuses after success payment)
ver. 1.0.7 (26/03/2015)
  • added block with information (to configuration page) describing how to configure shop account on Robokassa website
  • fixed a bug that occurred when the customer had been returned to the site after a failed payment (instead of an array, object was passed to the observer)
  • fixed a bug that occurred when customer was redirected to Robokassa website if the checkout extension have lost order data (relevant for some third-party checkout extensions)
ver. 1.0.6 (07/11/2014)
  • fixed rounding issue - in some cases wrong amount was transferred (1 cent difference)
ver. 1.0.5 (04/07/2014)
  • fixed bug in checking for a currency rate availability. If the displayed currency different from the base currency, the payment method was not displayed.
ver. 1.0.4 (09/12/2013)
  • began to use the visible order ID (Example: 100000043) instead of the internal (example: 81). Now it is easier to identify the order in the list of transactions on Robokassa website.
ver. 1.0.3 (25/11/2013)
  • added log writing for incorrect answers
  • fixed typos and grammar
ver. 1.0.2 (12/09/2013)
  • now information about new order email sending status is displayed correctly in order history
ver. 1.0.1 (13/08/2013)
  • now customer will receive email about new order only after payment success, not after order create.
ver. 1.0.0 (01/06/2013)
  • first release


  • bug fix
  • added functionality
  • removed functionality

Documentation is available on the informational portal

I want to say thank you!
We are waiting more and more from you on the Russian Market..
This is great work. Thank you Etwebsolutions Team.
Review by Hatem Deeb (7/22/2015)

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