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Payment method Payment Robokassa Advanced (version 1.0.7)

Payment method Payment Robokassa Advanced (version 1.0.7)

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Payment method via Robokassa. Allows you to use the payment service Robokassa on your Magento website.

35 EUR
35 EUR
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  • One Payment method select on checkout
  • Group of Payment methods select on checkout
  • Main Payment method select on checkout
  • Robo server
  • Robokassa settings example
  • Main Payment Robokassa Settings
  • Main Payment Robokassa Settings
  • Main Payment Robokassa Settings
  • Main Payment Robokassa Settings
  • Group Payment Robokassa Settings
  • Single Payment Robokassa Settings

Payment method ET Payment Robokassa Advanced extends the free extension's ET Payment Robokassa features (don't forget to install it).

Additional features (comparing to the free extension)

Deferred payment
Payment methods that redirect the customer to the payment system's server to complete the payment usually wait for a response from the payment system for the payment's status. If the customer failed to complete the payment (e.g. the internet connection disappeared after the order placement; customer got distracted and the session had expired; some PC failures that lead to a restart), then there will be no response about a successful payment. In that case such an order will be impossible to complete and the customer will have to place a new order. The Payment extension ET Payment Robokassa Advanced allows the customer to complete the payments for such orders by adding a payment link to the order page and sending an email about the new order.
Also you can limit the life time of such links.
Payment only after manager approval
In some cases it is better to allow the payment only after some kind of verification, instead of allowing it straight away. For example, the manager may have to check if the product is available and can be shipped to the customer. If you allow payments only after such a verification, you will rid yourself of some extra refunds.

In this case after the order placement, instead of being redirected to the payment service, the customer receives information that the payment will be possible only after the order is processed by the manager. If the manager allows the payment, the customer receives an email with a link to complete the payment.
Reminders about overdue payments for customers
You can set up reminders for unpaid orders. If, after placing the order, the customer was distracted by something before he could finish payment, you will have a chance to get him back to you by reminding about the order. By default, first reminder is sent 30 minutes after the order placement and the second reminder - after 24 hours.
Availability depending on shipping method or customer group
You can disable this payment method for some shipping methods or customer groups. For example, for pickup and wholesale buyers.
Selection of payment sub-methods
You can use any available sub-method as a separate payment method. The customer will be able to select the necessary method on your website (e. g. credit card) instead of choosing it on the Robokassa website.
Payment method groups
Since Robokassa service offers a large amount of payment methods, customers can get confused if all of them will be displayed on the payment step of the checkout. The extension adds 6 additional groups that makes it easier for customer to find a suitable method: Electronic Money, Plastic Cards, Mobile Commerce, Terminals, E-invoicing, Other Methods. You can change the group names and indicate which methods will be available in each group.
Reminders for managers
If you enable the feature "Payment only after manager approval" and the order is not approved for a long time, the manager will receive an email reminding to process the order.
Other features
  • Ability to choose the payment method when the order is being created in the admin panel
  • Ability to set, in which currency the order total will be sent to the payment service, if the base currency on your website differs from the one in your contract with the payment service
  • Order operations log is available. It helps solving miscommunication with customers by showing what was happening with the order.
  • An invoice gets created if the payment is successful
  • If some sub-methods are not available for you in your contract with the payment service, they will be disabled automatically.

Technical details

  • Open source code
  • Extension code conforms to Magento development standards
  • The extension is available in English and Russian. Additional translations can be added by users.
  • It is recommended to have a SSL certificate to provide secure data transfer between your website and the Robokassa service.
  • Your passwords for accessing the Robokassa system are encrypted.
  • Data transfer log available
  • To be able to take advantage of all of the features, you need to set up cron
  • Technical information for developers
ver. 1.0.7 (25/10/2017)
ATTENTION: this version requires ET_PaymentRobokassa ver. 1.2.0+ (included)
  • fixed logging for the extension not being able to get available method, due to writing a lot of data
  • fixed outdated Robokassa API link
ver. 1.0.6 (26/02/2016)
ATTENTION: this version requires ET_PaymentRobokassa ver. 1.1.1+ (included)
  • since 20/07/2017 supports different Robokassa solutionsRU
  • added option (set in extension ET_PaymentRobokassa config.xml), that allows to choose what order identificator will be transferred to Robokassa system as invoice id:
    * order internal id (1 - 9999999) - $order->getId();
    * order incremental id (x00000001) - $order->getIncrementId() - by default

    For order identification (transactions in Robokassa service and order in site admin) it is easier to use incremental id, because internal id is not displayed anywhere in admin.
    But Robokassa service has limitations that are not acceptable by some stores. According to the Robokassa documentation order number can only be a number between 1 and 2147483647.

    In Magento order incremental id can be larger. Also some 3rd party extensions can change incremental id format and make those non-numeric. Example: ORD-10-xx-111
  • minor bug fixes
ver. 1.0.5 (24/11/2015)
ATTENTION: this version requires ET_PaymentRobokassa ver. 1.1.0+ (included)
  • added support for Magento and security patch SUPEE-6788
  • start code refactoring to meet best practices
  • minor bug fixes
ver. 1.0.4 (03/08/2015)
  • fixed issue in template (fatal error in the order view page in admin on some server configurations)
  • fixed issue on order success page
ver. 1.0.3 (26/03/2015)
  • fixed a bug that occurred when customer was redirected to Robokassa website if the checkout extension have lost order data (relevant for some third-party checkout extensions)
ver. 1.0.2 (20/01/2015)
  • added 5 custom payment methods for mapping with robokassa payment methods
  • minor bugfixes
  • removed payment fee functionality (was not used by users. Can be added with ET Payment Extra Charge extension)
  • removed single payment methods (was too much settings)
ver. 1.0.1 (28/12/2013)
  • added ability to check payment status (additional button in order view page in admin)
  • added payment status check before sending notification to customer (in some cases, the customer transferred the money for the order, but the Robokassa service has not yet received cash from a customer selected payment system. Payment is not considered complete and the site does not receive notifications about the status of payment.)
  • began to use the visible order ID (Example: 100000043) instead of the internal (example: 81). Now it is easier to identify the order in the list of transactions on Robokassa website.
  • fixed typos and grammar
ver. 1.0.0 (01/06/2013)
  • first release


  • bug fix
  • added functionality
  • removed functionality

Documentation is available on the information portal

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