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Extension Hide Empty Attributes (version 1.2.0)

Extension Hide Empty Attributes (version 1.2.0)

Hides product attributes without any value. By default Magento shows such attributes with values N/A or No.

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25 EUR
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The extension Hide Empty Attributes allows hiding product attributes that contain no value.
For such attributes Magento displays N/A or No depending on the attribute type (select or text). This extension can

  • hide such attributes on the product view page
  • display dashes on product view pages instead of N/A and No (you can change it to any other character in the extension settings)

If attribute is a boolean (Yes/No), there will always be some value in the database, since there is no way not to select a value in the product save form. So the extension allows to hide attributes, that have a value of No.

Technical details

  • Open source code
  • Extension code conforms to Magento development standards
  • The extension is available in English and Russian. Additional translations can be added by users.
  • Developer information
ver. 1.2.0 (04/08/2016)
  • added ability to group attributes by attribute set groups on product page
  • changed algorithm for conflict detection
  • updated installation instruction
ver. 1.1.3 (06/03/2015)
  • added rewrite conflict notification block to system configuration. If ET_HideEmptyAttributes extension classes are not used because of the conflict, notification will be shown.
  • added automatic conflict resolving for OrganicInternet_SimpleConfigurableProducts extension
ver. 1.1.2 (17/10/2014)
  • block rewrite method changed
ver. 1.1.1 (11/11/2013)
  • fixed "attribute block isn't displayed if inserted in template by code $this->getLayout()->createBlock('catalog/product_view_attributes', '', array('template'=> 'catalog/product/view/attributes.phtml'))->toHtml()"
ver. 1.1.0 (20/09/2013)
  • added ability to hide attributes with real value No (for booleans Yes/No)
  • fixed typos and grammar
ver. 1.0.0 (22/01/2013)
  • stable public release
ver. 0.1.2 (15/10/2012)
  • translation added
ver. 0.1.1
  • added support for select fields
ver. 0.1.0
  • first release


  • bug fix
  • added functionality
  • removed functionality

Documentation is available on our information portal

Great Developer and great extension
There were many instruction in google on how to "Hide empty attributes" by hacking the code of the magento. And i think it's risky. Better to buy this extension.

After buying, i installed it by myself. and a there is a little confict with my existing extension. These Guys helps me to solve it and also telling me on how to "add the additional coding to my existing extension" without changing their own extension (Hide empty Attributes).

Their extension is really good. Awesome job.

Really recommended extension. Hope your team could create other great extensions

Thank you
Review by Rudtmed (7/7/2016)
Достаточно удобный модуль,
при большом списке атрибутов, скрывает те позиции в которых писать или нечего или не найдена информация у производителя.

Окультуривает так сказать страницу с товаром!

была бы возможность поставить оценку,
то поставил бы 5 из 5

кстати, о том, что можно заменять пустые значения символами или текстом (см картинку 5) и не знал :)
Review by Эдмонд (3/21/2013)

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