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Extension Currency Rate Updater (version 1.2.4b)

Extension Currency Rate Updater (version 1.2.4b)

Adds new sources for currency exchange rate updates (ECB, CBR, NBU, Google and Yahoo Finance).

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20 EUR
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  • Rate import
  • Cron settings

Magento has a built-in mechanism for currency exchange rates' updates: automatic rate update, notifications about problems during the update, ability to add new data sources via extensions. The only shortcoming is the only one built-in data source - WebserviceX.

After this service was unavailable for more than one week, we've decided to add several alternative data sources.

ET Currency Rate Updater adds new sources for currency exchange rate updates:

  • European Central Bank (ECB)
  • Central Bank of Russia (CBR)
  • Google Finance
  • Yahoo Finance
  • National Bank of Ukraine (NBU)

Extension features

Compensation rate
You can put some insurance into the currency exchange rate to compensate possible rate fluctuations during the day. Just specify the compensation rate and all prices on your website in non-base currencies will be adjusted accordingly (the extension will receive the exchange rate and change it to the final one taking compensation rate into account). Product price in base currency will not be changed.
Exchange rate freeze
You will have an ability to choose currencies that don't need their rate updated.
The most common example: when one of the countries is getting ready to be accepted into the euro-zone, it's national currency exchange rate becomes frozen and government institutions supervise if this rate is being followed in product prices. If the price conversion is wrong, it is highly possible to get fined.
So the extension allows to keep the exchange rate for some currencies unchanged.

Technical details

  • Open source code
  • The extension's code conforms to Magento development standards
  • The extension is available in English and Russian. Additional translations can be added by users.
  • Technical information for developers
ver. 1.2.4b (20/04/2018)
  • fixed outdated link to Google Finance (again)
ver. 1.2.4 (20/02/2018)
  • fixed outdated link to Google Finance
  • fixed date format for rate updates from CBR
  • fixed Yahoo Finance rate update mechanism
ver. 1.2.3 (11/09/2017)
  • fixed most of the code format errors from the new Magento Marketplace
ver. 1.2.2 (28/03/2016)
  • added "Debug mode" (log data received from sources to file)
  • fixed issue when all rates was not updated if there was no rate for one of currency. Now excluded currencies does not fire notifications.
версия 1.2.1 (28/03/2016)
  • changed way how rates are received from sources. On servers with php option allow_url_fopen = off rates were not received. Now using curl
ver. 1.2.0 (09/12/2015)
  • added new source NBU (National Bank of Ukraine)
  • fixed issue with rates from source Central Bank of Russia (this source use different decimal separator)
ver. 1.1.0 (23/02/2015)
  • added ability to exclude specific currency from rate update
ver. 1.0.0 (01/09/2014)
  • public release


  • bug fix
  • added functionality
  • removed functionality

Documentation is available on the information portal

Currency is not showing in front end
Curreney is not showing in the front end of the website


The extension Currency Rate Updater does not affect the currency display on the frontend.
Main feature of this extension is to update currency rates from selected rate sources.

The currency change block on the frontend depends on:
* enabled currencies (System -> Configuration -> GENERAL -> Currency Setup -> Allowed Currencies)
* Currency rates (check it on System -> Manage Currency -> Rates)
* Your theme (ask the theme developers for info, or use the default theme – it shows this block if there is more that 1 display currency and the rates are available)
If you're having trouble with our extension (we'll need more info) we will help for free.
If you need help with your Magento configuration or theme customization, we can do this as a custom solution (https://etwebsolutions.com/services/other-web-solutions) - minimal order amount is 120 EUR

In any case, please use the issue tracking system and keep an eye on the support replies in your e-mail (our reply e-mails may be considered as spam on some mail hostings): https://etwebsolutions.com/support/extension/et-currency-rate-updater
Review by suresh (9/6/2017)
update Frequenz more than one a day

you can adjust with the expansion also it should adjust each delay the currency? Or how many times is it possible? Once a day, as the Magento is enough standard setting ...

This extension adds additional data sources and does not change core currency rate update functionality.
By default you can update your rates (not matter from what source) daily, weekly and monthly.
Review by Noxx (4/12/2016)
Добавьте Нацбанк Украины в список источников.

В следующих версиях добавим, если банк предоставляет такую информацию. Просьба делать запрос на новую функциональность в системе поддержки, а не в отзывах.
Review by Роман (11/14/2015)
Does this work with a cron job also. We used to automatically update by Cron job and would like to keep on doing so, but be able to choose a different service if one is not available. Thanks in advance, Rob.

Yes, new sources work similar to default service WebserviceX.
Review by Rob (8/27/2015)
Доработка модуля
Прошу добавить возможность отображение курса валют в хедере для клиентов и это будет супер спс

Запросы на новую функцуиональность стоит добавлять в систему поддержки, так как в отзывах уточнить детали невозможно.
Модуль Currency Rate Updater разрабатывался для обновления курсов валют из разных источников. Другие функции в нём не планировались.

Вывод каких-то данных в пользовательской части лучше делать в теме или в отдельном модуле. Если вы распшите как это должно выглядеть и в каких случаях может использоваться, мы рассмотрим это предложение.
Review by Илья (7/28/2015)

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