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Extension Currency Manager (version 1.3.3)

Extension Currency Manager (version 1.3.3)

Currency Manager allows the shop owner to manage the price display in an easy and convenient way: show custom currency symbols, change its position, change the number of decimals, etc.

VAT may be applied only for EU customers
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  • Currency Manager
  • Currency Manager
  • Currency Manager
  • Currency Manager

Currency Manager allows the shop owner to manage the price display in an easy and convenient way.

While Magento 1.7.x allows changing the currency symbol, it doesn't allow you to set the currency display the way you might need in some cases.

Usage Examples

Currency symbol display
Choose what to use as a currency symbol. You can choose to use a currency code (EUR, USD), symbol (€, $), name (Euro, US Dollar) or nothing at all.
Currency codes, symbols and names are taken from Zend Framework's localization library on which Magento is built.
Your own currency symbol
If you aren't happy with the standard currency symbol, you can change it to your own (but only in text format). For example, you can use the word "Money" instead of $.
Do you want to show the currency symbol to the left or to the right of the price?
With our extension you get the opportunity to choose the position for the currency symbol: before the price or after. Example: $ 49.99 or 49.99 $.
Who needs cents anyway?
You can display the price without zero cents. Example: display 49 instead of 49.00, but leave 49.99 unchanged.
Replace zero cents to custom text
Want to change zero cents to some text or characters instead of just removing them? Now you can do it easily - show $49,- instead of $49.00 or $49.
Amount of decimals in the price
You can set the amount of decimals for your price display (Magento's built-in algorithm is used for rounding). For example, display price 49.99 as 50 or 49.9900.
This setting changes the price display on both frontend and product edit form in the admin panel.
The amount of decimals in cart and checkout
Since most of the payment extensions, which redirect customers to payment gateways, use real (unformatted) prices, the following situation may occur: The customer sees a price of $50, but the payment gateway will charge $49.99, which can confuse him. To avoid that there is an option to switch off price formatting (amount of decimals, cutting zero cents) in cart and checkout.
Free products
If you offer any product or service free of charge, you can replace a zero price with any text. Change boring and ordinary zeroes to a noticeable FREE word.
Does your website use several languages?
You can use different settings for each store view.
Do you want to limit the extension's activity?
You can enable or disable our extension for frontend and admin panel independently.
Do not lose parameters in the URL of the page when changing currency
In Magento by default when the customer switches to another currency, he stays on the same page, but all of his parameters get omitted.
before switching: site.com/category.html?color=24&price=100-200
after switching: site.com/category.html
You can fix this Magento behavior with one option.

ATTENTIONthe extension changes only the price display, not the price itself. If a product's price is 49.99, you can show it as 50, but the customer will be charged 49.99 since that is the real price of this product.

Additional information: Without this extension you can affect the price display only by editing values in Zend Framework's localization files (/lib/Zend/Locale/Data/*.xml). But by updating Magento version you can lose all these changes, due to a possible Zend Framework update.

Technical details

  • Open source code
  • Extension's code conforms to Magento development standards
  • The extension is available in English and Russian. Additional translations can be added by users.
  • Extension works fine with dynamic prices, that change with JS (configurable and bundled products, and simple products with custom options)
  • Technical information for developers
ver. 1.3.3 (20/04/2017)
  • added French translation (thanks to Zuiko)
  • fixed undefined symbol while removing html tags from currency symbol for PDF
ver. 1.3.2 (11/10/2016)
  • fixed check for checkout and sales related information in the admin
  • fixed most of the code format errors from the new Magento marketplace
ver. 1.3.1 (06/07/2016)
  • fixed issue with currency symbol in PDF files (html tags was visible)
ver. 1.3.0 (04/04/2016)
  • fixed decimal symbol showing without decimal part in configurable products using minimal decimal count
  • added an ability to change group symbol in JavaScript
  • added an options to change group length in JavaScript
ver. 1.2.7 (12/11/2015)
  • added an ability for extension developers to change price display options before price output
ver. 1.2.6 (12/08/2015)
  • fixed JS error when product.js and configurable.js loaded before extension script et_currencymanager_round.js
ver. 1.2.5 (05/03/2015)
  • fixed JS error in Configurable product view arising under certain extension settings
ver. 1.2.4 (16/02/2014)
  • fixed incorrect totals on Paypal Express Review page when option "Exclude for checkout" is enabled
  • fixed some phrase translation (was no English phrases)
ver. 1.2.3 (18/10/2014)
  • fixed currency symbol loosing in configurable products using specific options combination
ver. 1.2.2 (09/10/2014)
  • fixed replace zero decimals with suffix javascript bug in configurable product when using thousands separator
  • fixed ReferenceError: extendProductConfigformatPrice is not defined bug
  • fixed undefined precision in config bug
  • added an ability for extension developers to affect the "Exclude for Checkout" check (added an event to isInOrder function). By default, enabling this setting partially disables formatting in the cart and checkout (sales and checkout controllers). Now developers are able to tell Currency Manager to disable formatting on the other pages as well.

    How to:
    1. 3rd party extension listens to 'et_currencymanager_checking_is_in_order_before'.


    2. In Observer.php we write a function that adds additional values.
    public function modifyOrderModuleValues(Varien_Event_Observer $observer){
         $event = $observer->getEvent();
         $orderModules = $event->getData('order_modules');
         $moduleNames = $orderModules->getData('module_names'); //there are default values already (sales, checkout)

         $newValues = array('onepagecheckout', 'second');
         $moduleNames = array_merge($moduleNames,$newValues);
         $orderModules->setData('module_names', $moduleNames);
ver. 1.2.1 (20/12/2013)
  • added Magento CE support (core tax functions have more parameters than before)
  • fixed rare errors on new feature (discard zeroes to the specified number of decimals)
ver. 1.2.0 (29/11/2013)
  • added support for Magento (extension JS files loading priority)
  • added feature to discard zeroes to the specified number of decimals instead of throwing away all of them. Examples:
    for value = 0
    9.0000 => 9
    9.9999 => 9.9999
    9.9000 => 9.9

    for value = 2
    9.0000 => 9.00
    9.9999 => 9.9999
    9.9000 => 9.90
  • JS code refactored (one file dropped)
  • option Precision title changed to Display Precision. Some option comments changed.
  • fixed double rounding for stores, which use non base display currency and product prices include taxes (http://support.etwebsolutions.com/issues/984)
ver. 1.1.0 (30/09/2013)
  • added fix for currency switch url (Magento by default loses get parameters in URL while switching currency)
  • added global settings for "Replace Zero Price to" option (http://support.etwebsolutions.com/issues/936)
  • added French translation (thanks to Zuiko)
  • format function doesn't ignore given parameters anymore (http://support.etwebsolutions.com/issues/610)
  • fixed typos and grammar
ver. 1.0.3 (10/12/2012)
  • fixed double rounding for stores, which use non base display currency (http://support.etwebsolutions.com/issues/470)
  • custom option prices now use extension precision value on product edit page (http://support.etwebsolutions.com/issues/466)
  • template files moved from default to base (dropped native support for Magento 1.3.x according to Magento standards)
  • skin files moved from default to base (dropped native support for Magento 1.3.x according to Magento standards)
ver. 1.0.2 (28/09/2012)
  • fixed problem with entering configuration in Magento
  • fixed problem in JS for configurable products (in some cases price was XX.0000001 or xx.9999999)
  • fixed JS for error with disabled Module output
  • fixed JS stack overflow error in IE
  • fixed settings' inheritance - empty values led to using global settings
ver. 1.0.1 (13/09/2012)
  • fixed error which caused inability to get on extension's settings page (unnecessary BOM in helper)
ver. 1.0.0 (31/08/2012)
  • license type changed from AFL to ETWS Free License v1 (EFL1)
  • code refactored for Magento standards
  • added link to extension settings in Currency Options Section
  • added additional information about extension support in settings section
  • added default values for specific currency section
  • some minor errors fixed (typos, etc.)
ver. 0.3.0 (19/08/2012)
  • added custom event for currency conversion
  • added some unit tests (beta version)
  • fixed error that led to display of negative zero ("-0")
  • fixed error displaying 0 for precisions bigger than 0 (sometimes it showed 0 instead of 0.00 for precision 2)
ver. 0.2.9 (17/04/2012)
  • fixed rounding for JS with negative precision
ver. 0.2.8 (23/02/2012)
  • fixed rounding for JS (bug appeared while rounding 9.9999999 or 9.00000001)
ver. 0.2.7 (06/02/2012)
  • fixed param initializations for JS for multicurrency stores
ver. 0.2.6 (23/01/2012)
  • fixed bug in function, which replaces zero decimals with custom suffix (for currency without currency symbol)
ver. 0.2.5 (20/01/2012)
  • fixed bug in function, which replaces zero decimals with custom suffix (relevant for locales, where group separator is unbreakable whitespace - chr160)
ver. 0.2.4 (28/11/2011)
  • fixed bug for displaying price instead of zero text in configurable products when total price is zero
ver. 0.2.3 (29/09/2011)
  • fixed bug for displaying 2 different currencies in checkout
  • fixed bug for rounding price with negative precision with javascript
  • added type="text/javascript" for script tag (w3c validation is ok now)
ver. 0.2.2 (17/08/2011)
  • replace zero decimals with suffix. Example: display 49,- instead of 49.00 or 49, but 49.99 remains unchanged
  • enable/disable price rounding (precision parameter) on product input\edit page
  • minor bugs fixed
ver. 0.2.1 (22/07/2011)
  • fixed skipping currency formatting for admin dashboard
ver. 0.2.0
  • configuration page restyled
  • added ability to set currency specific options (everything, not only symbol replace/ relevant for multicurrency stores without store views)
  • added ability to disable precision change for checkout process (exclude checkout)
  • added ability to replace zero prices with any string. Example: display FREE instead of 0.00
  • changed Cut Zero Decimal algorithm (now it's working fine with any currency precision, not only 2)
ver. 0.1.5
  • added ability to cut zero decimals if it equals 0. (price == floor(price))
ver. 0.1.4
  • added support for dynamic prices (Bundled, Configurable, Simple with custom options)
ver. 0.1.2
  • added separate configurations for enable/disable module for frontend and admin
ver. 0.1.1
  • repacking for Magento Connect
ver. 0.1.0
  • stable release


  • bug fix
  • added functionality
  • removed functionality

Documentation is available on the informational portal

Disable module for checkout
I like the idea of no currency symbol on product list and - detail pages. But whenever a possible customer is within the cart/checkout, i 'do' want them to see the currency symbol. Is this in any way possible?

At the moment this is not possible without extension customization. You can request this feature in our ticket system or order extension customization as custom work.
Review by Jan Anne de Haan (6/22/2016)
its consuming my bandwith abnormaly
after installing your currency manager.. i can manage my currency how it display...

But it has totally chocked my site.. it's consuming bandwith of 30GB per day by crawling everyday..

kindly tell me how to fix this issue...

Hello Ahmed,

We are sorry to hear about your situation. But Currency Manager extension does not make any HTTP requests and it doesn't crawl on the websites. So I'm pretty sure that our extension has nothing to do with your problem. I think you should analyze your server logs to find the source of the problem.

Please, do not use reviews for support request. You can use our ticket system for communication with our developer.
Review by Ahmed (11/30/2015)
Fatal error after isntall into ce
I try to find link for open ticket for support in the issue tracking system but it seem no link to open ticket there. So I put it here for
I have this fatal error just after install this extension manually,
could you please help how to fix it?

Fatal error: Call to a member function getCollection() on boolean in C:\xampp\htdocs\magento\includes\src\__default.php on line 21348

Please, use ticket system to get help from our support team. Link was above review form.
Your issue is related to compilation fuction. You have not disabled compilation before installing extension. Please, recompile your Magento and all works.
Review by Bun Hin (11/26/2015)
How to add blank to currency symbol

it would be nice to add the option to have a space between the currency symbol and the price value. Thanks!

You can achieve this by using Symbol replace function. Replace "$" with "$ "
Review by Josef (11/23/2015)
Add style to symbol
How can I add style to Currency symbol ?
I use <span>symbol</span> in Replace symbol to box and add style in css file, It works on home page and product page
but in Configurable product page for Configurable options it's not work and show <span> as text

Unfortunately the way configurable display price is fully different from normal way and affect this output is hard.
Maybe in future releases it will be implemented, but currently no easy way to display spans.
Review by Mona (9/28/2015)
0$ to Free

i use the tool to replace all the 0$ price by the word "Free"
but it as change even in the pdf invoice for the taxes.
Wich is not what i want, is it possible to limit this feature to front end only ?

thank you

Answer: Use option "Exclude for checkout".
Review by Frank (8/28/2015)
Супер модуль
Работаем на Мадженто уже более 5ти лет и делали несколько различных магазинов. Этот модуль один из первых, который мы устанавливаем в обязательном порядке. Работает как часы, элементарная установка, прекрасная поддержка! Убирает нули и делает цены красивыми и аккуратными :) Все, как в инструкции.
Review by Liza (8/26/2015)
Везде ли нолики отключает модуль?
Если вручную править файлы сайта, то на страницах с настраиваемыми вариантами, так и остаются числовые значения после запятой.

А ваш модуль убирает знаки после запятой везде?

Везде, где вывод идёт через стандартные функции Magento. Настраиваемые варианты тоже обрабатываются. Пример можете посмотреть на нашем сайте.
Review by Александр (5/8/2015)
Best great Extension
this extension is very good but I dont know if below feature available with this extension or not....

I want to set two/three display currency and in cart same will get converted into base currency.

Is it possible with this extension...?

while creating new product in admin there is no option to set display currency and by default it is showing base currency only.

Is there a way if I can select display currency while creating new product..

No, our extension does not add any new features. It only change currency display options.
Review by Paresh (3/20/2015)
Change the defual currency

i need to add the all currencies in drop down menu and replace it with default currency position

Please, use our ticket system to get help from our support team. Link is available above (Support).
Please, do not forget to provide additional information: screenshots what you get now and what you want to get and where.
Review by Gehad (3/6/2015)
All items disappeared after installation
Hello, after installation all items from main page, categories doesnt show up. I did reindex, cleaning cache - doesnt work.
Can you help me?


We have do not meet this issue before.

Please, contact our support team by mail or in ticket system (link is available on extension configuration page and on this page), and we will investigate this issue.

You can
1. Check if there are no conflicts between extensions
2. There are no errors in Magento log files (/var/log)

Do not forget to provide additional information:
* extension version
* Magento version
Review by Newbee (2/5/2015)
Hello, I have installed your currency manager extension. its working perfetct. I need to display price in the following format:

$50.00 USD

Can you please help me in this from where I can set this.

Answer: Please, use our support system to ask questions or submit issues.
Regarding your question - unfortunately, our extension can't do that.
Review by Pankaj Pareek (1/20/2014)
Thousands separator

Your extension is working fine.
But, prices have no thousands separator and there's no option in the configuration.
Can you help me out, please.
I just want to keep a space ex: 1 000

Thank you

Answer: Our extension should not affect thousands separator settings. If you have this issue and it disappear with disabling our extension, please open a ticket in our support system (link is available on this page) and provide full information about issue:
* Magento version
* Extension version
* Extension settings
* Product type and price
* Steps to reproduce issue
Review by Alex Parra (12/16/2013)
ET Extensions loaction
I can`t see the ET EXTENSIONS after Configuration.
How to find out the ET extensions?

Answer: Please, check installation instruction on documentation page to get answer to your question.

If this information does not help, open a ticket in our support system and provide additional information about your issue. We will try to help you.

Please do not use review form to ask questions and provide any issues (we have support system).
Review by Jun Lee (12/10/2013)
Zero values replaced by text for VAT in orders
using your useful extension I saw recently a little thing that could be may be easily corrected.
At the bottom of the orders some taxes as VAT are detailed. For some reason it happens that VAT could be 0.00 but in this case your extension replaces 0.00 by the text (like "Free!") which is not really good for this tax line.
Best regards,

Please, next time use our support system to ask questions or submit an issue.
If we understand your description correctly - it is not a bug. Magento use only one function for formatting currency and does not analyze what for that number is. So our extension does not know it too - is it product price, total or tax.
You can exclude price formatting for cart, checkout and invoices by using option Exclude for checkout - in this case zero price will not be modified for those pages.
You can also change any template in your theme to avoid using standart formating function and format needed number using your own algoritm.
Review by zuiko (9/10/2013)
How to activate "Free" for price 0.00

I downloaded your extension and it works fine.
But impossible, for me, to find how to replace a 0 price by a word like "Free". Could you help me ?


This setting is available for every specific currency.
1. Go to System -> Configuration -> ET EXTENSIONS -> Currency Manager -> Currency Options
2. Press "Add currency specific options" button
3. Select your currency and enter your text in field "Replace symbol to:"
Review by zuiko (8/27/2013)
Hi I donwloaded your free extension and it is working great. However I had previoysly downloaded "http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/auto-currency-switcher-8671.html" Auto Currency Select based on Customer's IP address and that extension is not working since I have installed your extension. Can you please let me know the solution? Thanks

Solving extension conflicts is not included in free support of our extension, so I'm afraid we can offer you only such technical advice.

The extensions rewrite the same core class Mage_Core_Model_Store. You can fix it by switching off our rewrite in config.xml (line 73 in latest version of extension). Then you must find class Chapagain_AutoCurrency_Model_Store and make it extend our ET_CurrencyManager_Model_Currency instead of Mage_Core_Model_Store.
Review by Hamid (6/7/2013)

Please write a review about Extension Currency Manager

If you want to ask a question about an extension or report a bug, please use our issue tracking system.

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