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Extension Attribute Hints (version 1.1.1)

    • The extension has a Beta status.

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Extension Attribute Hints (version 1.1.1)

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Allows to display hints for product attributes. Hints are displayed near the attribute (on the product page, in the layered navigation).


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Regular Price: 40 EUR

Special Price 20 EUR

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  • Attribute Hints
  • Attribute Hints
  • Attribute Hints
  • Attribute Hints
  • Attribute Hints
  • Attribute Hints
  • Attribute Hints
  • Attribute Hints
  • Attribute Hints
  • Attribute Hints

This extension helps making your store a bit more user-friendly by adding a bit more functionality with displaying hints for product attributes.

Shoppers may have no idea what the mobile phone screen resolution means, why DDR4 is better than DDR3, or if a HDMI is important for a TV. If a visitor stumbles into unfamiliar words and acronyms, and leaves your shop on a research quest throughout the web, it is quite an unwanted scenario for the shop owner, because there is no guarantee that the visitor will make a purchase or even come back to the website at all.

The 'Attribute Hints' extension allows you to add a description to each attribute. If the shopper may feel a bit confused at times, then he will always have a hint available near an attribute to help him out. All that is needed, is to hover the cursor over an icon, and a hint will appear.

Extension features

  • Display hints in your shop by simply hovering the cursor over an attribute
  • You can select from a number of default icons or upload a custom one to suit your theme
  • Select where the hint will be displayed: on the product view, compare pages, and/or layered navigation
  • Possible to select a hint style and orientation
  • Fine-tune a hint's view manually, or by using a familiar WYSIWYG editor

Technical details

  • Open source code
  • Extension's code conforms to Magento development standards
  • The extension is available in English and Russian. Additional translations can be added by users.
  • Developer information
ver. 1.1.1 (13/02/2017)
  • changed extension code for easier hint adding in custom themes
  • changed hint hiding logic. Now it isn't hidden momentarily after moving the cursor away. This allows using links in it and clicking on included links
version 1.1.0 (01/05/2016)
  • jQuery GetTip Plugin v1.0 is now used to show the hint - this library allows to change visual settings (color, opacity, position, etc)
  • added ability to manage icons with hints
  • added ability to set different icon for each attribute
  • fixed error when new attribute is being added
version 1.0.0 (22/02/2016)
  • first release


  • bug fix
  • added functionality
  • removed functionality

Documentation is available on the information portal

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