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Extension Advanced Compare (version 1.0.7)

Extension Advanced Compare (version 1.0.7)

The extension allows to add products to compare without reloading the page (AJAX), improves result visualization, and allows to switch of the compare function on your website.

VAT may be applied only for EU customers
  • Rows with similar values are hidden
  • Attributes sorted
  • Attributes sorted
  • Attributes not sorted
  • Attributes not sorted

The extension broadens the store owner's ability in managing the product comparison feature.

Usage Examples

Disable product comparison on your website
Let's say, you are setting up a new website, which doesn't require the product comparing feature. The extension lets you get rid of every trace of the product comparison feature with one click.
Disable product comparison for specific products
It doesn't make sense to compare products without attributes. Video games are a good example. Most likely, your customer wouldn't want to compare a shooter with a real time strategy or 2 sport simulators. In this case our extension can also help you. It adds a "Remove compare link" attribute to every product, so that you yourself could decide whether to let the customer to compare the product, or no.
Add to compare with AJAX
Do you want to speed up your website and improve usability from the customer's point of view? Adding products to a compare list without reloading the page — this feature was created exactly for that. So now, when customer will have to compare 12 products, he won't be cursing the website owner and administrators, when he will have to wait for a not-so-fast Magento website to reload 12 times.
Make product compare more obvious
Product can have a lot of attributes, which can confuse your customers. Our extension can be useful in this case too. With its help you can be sure, that most important information will be more clear. It can be achieved by using the following features of Advanced Compare:
  • It fixes Magento's standard problem — wrong attribute order. Now attributes on the compare page will be displayed in the order you have added them to the attribute set in the admin panel.
  • Our extension contains an advanced template, which hides the attributes whose values are equal for the selected products. The customer can unhide these attributes at any time without reloading the page.

Technical details

  • Open source code
  • Extension code conforms to the standards for development for Magento
  • The extension is available in English and Russian. Additional translations can be added by users.
  • Developer information
ver. 1.0.7 (12/02/2015)
  • fixed bug in cookie check for Magento and lower.
ver. 1.0.6 (12/01/2015)
  • added check for cookie in the user's browser. If the cookies are disabled or for some reason are not available, the extension will now notify the customer (earlier there was no notification and it was not clear why the item was not added to the list)
  • added error display when adding items to compare list
ver. 1.0.5 (18/10/2014)
  • added Magento CE 1.9.x support (for attribute sorting feature)
ver. 1.0.4 (10/05/2014)
  • removed block rewrite to avoid conflict with other extensions
ver. 1.0.3 (15/03/2014)
  • added Magento CE 1.8.x support (for attribute sorting feature)
ver. 1.0.2 (22/10/2013)
  • fixed attribute sorting in compare window
  • fixed typos and grammar
ver. 1.0.1 (06/10/2012)
  • fixed attribute groups sorting in compare window
ver. 1.0.0 (31/07/2012)
  • license type changed from AFL to ETWS Free License v1 (EFL1)
  • added attribute sorting in compare window in Magento versions 1.7.x
  • code refactored for Magento standards
  • template files moved from default to base (dropped native support for Magento 1.3.x according to Magento standards)
  • skin files moved from default to base (dropped native support for Magento 1.3.x according to Magento standards)
ver. 0.6.0 (14/02/2012)
  • it is now possible to limit amount of products to compare
ver. 0.5.1
  • added attribute sorting in compare window in Magento versions 1.6.x
ver. 0.5.0
  • added ability to add products to compare list without reloading page (AJAX)
  • added advanced compare product template (only for default theme)
  • added attribute sorting in compare window
ver. 0.1.0
  • first stable release


  • bug fix
  • added functionality
  • removed functionality

Documentation is available on the informational portal

Sweet extension!
First time I saw the demo of this extension I knew I wanted to install it. It is such a simple feature but really improves the user experience not to have to reload the page when adding products to compare.

Besides that, it's FREE, so how can you beat that?

I am using Magento 1.7.02. I installed manually and had to make just a couple simple tweaks to get it to work:
1) I am using custom templates so I had to copy the layout, template, css and js folders/files from the "base" installation directory to my custom directories.
2) On the user side, when you click "add to compare" there is a gray-colored layer that floats from where you clicked up to the compare box. This gray layer was partially hidden behind my product images (probably again due to custom templates) so I added a z-index parameter to the "noreload.css" file to bring the gray layer back to the front.

Thank you for a nice extension!

Answer: Thank you for your feedback and tips
Review by Dan (1/16/2014)
Nice extension
Nice extension. Easy to understand . Easy to use .
Review by Mohamed Saied (11/7/2013)
Very useful and professional
Magento The extension works from the box - that is uncommon for free modules.
It is very useful. User can hide attributes, whose values are equal. And AJAX is always impressive for users! ))
Thank you very much!
Review by smak (2/16/2013)

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